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Are you brave enough to respond to the call? 

Are you prepared to become...a legend?


4 km. Night Swimming
191 km. Road Bike
40 km. Trail Run
2 km. Night Swimming
92 km. Road Bike
16 km. Trail Run

Half Distance Race

Swim 2km (ship start) • Road Bike 92km (2200m total ascent) • Trail Run 16km (1150m total ascent)

HELLAS...the cradle of civilization! Philosophy, democracy, arts, and above all, the place where the human spirit made myth and legend embody mortal flesh. A place where the meaning of immortality reflected heroes' names, being chanted throughout the centuries.

And now, this ancient calling, has been reawakened and it is echoing all around Europe, summoning brave and strong men and women, to the land of Pieria, the place where the home of the ancient Greek gods, mountain Olympus, stands dominant and imperious.

Rumors say that the Olympian gods have gathered at the majestic Mitikas, the mountain top throne of Zeus, and are seeking for brave warriors, willing to take on an unprecedented challenge OLYMPOS-X

The Nereids have opened the sea gates of the Aegean and they are ready to embrace their newly introduced visitors. The 9 muses, patrons of the arts, have paved the roads climbing from Platamonas castle all the way to KEOAX, with melodies and hymns of glory whilst the nymphs living in Enipeas river, have scattered across the mountain trails of amazing natural beauty, eager to accompany the runners who are to tread the mystic paths, leading all the way to the finish line next to the depths of Vafira river (Orlias).

Are you brave enough to respond to the call? 
Are you prepared to become...a legend?

 The Race


Olympos-X is a great triathlon race(Iron Distance) 
who circles and crosses the mountain range of Olympus

1) 4 km open sea swim, start by boat (Platamonas)
2) 191 km of bicycle crossing the two main mountains of Olympus with a 4,800 positive altitude difference. (Platamonas - Vrysopoules) 
3) 40 km running with 2,250 positive altitude difference passing through the second highest peak of Mount Olympus, Skolio,
Vrysopoules, depths of Vafira river (Orlias).

ΟThe race is a huge challenge! 
You are asked to handle it with minimal help. Each athlete is required to have a supporter with an escort vehicle
(If you wish to use a local guide and a vehicle for a fee of € 120.00)


The sea of the Aegean,took its’ name from the 9th king of the ancient city of Athens, Aegeas. Boats will take you right into its' velvet arms. Seize the chance to dive into its' deep blue waters and swim 4k under the gaze of Poseidon. An exceptional characteristic of the area that the triathlon will be conducted, is the combination of mountain and sea, as the mountain Olympus adorns the otherworldly scenery with its' magisterial presence.


Are you sufficiently prepared to face the massif side of lower mt.Olympus? Starting from Paralia Katerini, Agios Dimitrios, Kallithea Elassona, Olympiada, through the mystical villages of Sykamineas and Kryovrisis, Karya which is the gateway towards the heart of the thick forests of mt. Olympus is well known for their extreme beauty as well as biodiversity, through Kallippekis. you will cycle passing through the renowned culture point of the traditionally preserved settlement of Palaios Panteleimonas, and the castle of Platamonas.
The continuation includes the seaside town of Leptokarya, the ancient city of Livithra, Vrysopoules and finally the military center of KEOX, which is the end point of the route at 1,810m. The course runs cyclically around the mountain filling 191 km and 4.800m gain of altitude!


Traverse the godly mount Olympus and become part of history, running 40km all of which amidst paths of alpine scenery, starting at the military training center of KEOAX Gaze upon the throne of Zeus, by reaching the mountaintop of Skolio, at 2.800m. Whilst the Olympian gods accompany you through mountain pine forests of infinite beauty! Run through Spilios, Agapitos, the meeting point of climbers Prionia, the mythic river of Enipeas, the picturesque monastery of saint Dionisios, Stavros, the climbing shelter of Koromilia, finishing at the Orlia river and its' pedestals.

Race Program

Thursday 7/9 

13:00 – 18:00 Individual and team registrations

19:00 – 21:00 Opening ceremony, Pasta Party 

Friday 8/9

14:00 – 18:00 Bike Service

09:00 - 12:00 Individual and team registrations

12:15 – 13:15 Mandatory Technical Briefing in Greek (Athletes who will fail to be present are not eligible to start the race)

13:15 – 14:15 Mandatory Technical Briefing in English

14:30 – 19:00 Mandatory bike placement in transition area 1 Τ1

15:15 – 16:15 Press Conference

Saturday 9/9

02:00 Gathering

02:15 Transition area Τ1 opening

03:20 Boarding on ship

03:30 Ship sails to the start point

04:00 Start of race

20:30 Estimated finish time of the first athlete 

Sunday 10/9

13:00 Awards – Lunch – Closing Ceremony

The program is not final and is subject to change.

Race Rules 

OLYMPOS-X is in accordance with the Greek Union of Modern Pentathlon regulations.

Because of its particularity, there are additional regulations that must be applied during the whole race.  

Weather and safety

The weather, during the period of the race, is mild without big differences in temperature. Of course we must always take into consideration the microclimate of Olympus, therefore we recommend that you check the meteorological forecasts of those days to be able to be properly equipped and prepared. 

In case of dangerous weather phenomena, the organizing committee of the race, the day before the race, will decide for modification of the routes (eg. Change of the swim course in case of high waves). 

In the worst case scenario of cancellation of the race (the last 2 days) the organizer will return 30% of the participation fee.

Swim course and Τ1

Α) Distance 4km
Β) Ship start
C) Straight direction to the shore according to the direction of the air
D) Water temperature (estimated 21-24c)
E) Escort by security boats 

Bike Course

Α) Distance 191 km
Β) Altitude gain 4.800m
C) Asphalt quality good
D) 3 main ascents
Ε) Route marked with signs at the junctions

Run Course

Α) Distance 40km
Β) Altitude gain 2.250m
C) Route 40km trail 
D) Fully marked route
Ε) 2 refreshment stations
1. Location «Prionia» 16,2 km


Finish at Vathres Orlias creek.

Awards and closing ceremony.
Our feast will take place hotel on Sunday at 13:00 according to the program. We are sure that you will honor us with your presence, as we will celebrate the fulfillment of our feat, having lunch all together.

Race Description
All athletes must show up at the main office until Friday September 10th for their identification and receipt of their race package. The presence of the athletes as well as the supporters at the technical briefing that will follow is mandatory (for relay teams all members of the team must be present). 

1) For the leased supporters, they will take the bicycles from T2 and will return them to the start where the organizing team will keep them. The leased supporters are responsible for the athlete before the start and until he/she departs from T2. After that point they do not support the athlete any more. 
2) Athletes without support will be transferred from the finish to the start area with vehicles of the organizing committee.